Rhonda Allison Skin Refine Gel

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Skin Refine Gel is a blend of beta acid and alpha hydroxy acid that provides skin support for blemished, impure, and oily skins, improving the look of course texture and acne scarring. This salicylic acid complex will rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of skin while brightening and smoothing - giving skin the look of health.

Cleanse skin well with Rosemary Herbal Cleanser. Rinse completely; pat skin dry. Apply a thin, even layer of Skin Refine Gel to face. Let absorb and remain on skin overnight. Protect skin with Daytime Defense SPF30 daily. Depending on skin condition, some may use Skin Refine Gel twice a day, others every other night. For very severe acne conditions and flare-ups, may spot treat lesions with Blemish Serum after Skin Refine Gel has been applied.