Relax & Wax No Scream Cream

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No Scream Cream is an FDA approved topical numbing cream containing 20% benzocaine that when used properly, will ease the discomfort of waxing between 50-90%.

Relax and Wax No-Scream Cream allows you to wax any area of your body – even the sensitive bikini line – without suffering any pain. Simply apply the product 30-45 minutes before you intend to wax the area. The cream introduces a topical anesthetic that reduces and eases the pain that is typically associated with waxing hair away from the body. At the same time, it does not interfere with the effectiveness of typical wax formulas. This natural and safe formula is suitable for all skin types and works by numbing the area to be waxed so that the experience will be simple and pain free.


No-Scream Cream should be applied 30-45 minutes before waxing. It should be applied as a fairly thick layer and should not be rubbed in to the skin like lotion. Once the cream is thick and white STOP! And let the cream absorb into the skin on its own. The skin should appear white after No-Scream Cream is applied and will absorb into the skin in about 5-10 minutes. No-Scream Cream isn't messy or greasy, wont harm clothing and you can get dressed as usual.