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TheraPearl Face Wrap

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The oversized round mask has openings for eyes, nose and mouth, and a fully adjustable strap that holds it comfortably in place. Heat it to open clogged sinuses, chill it to soothe tender skin, or make it part of your facial routine. Now, with color-changing technology, you will know exactly when your pack is ready for 20 minutes of doctor-recommended hot or cold therapy. Once it’s ready, just put it on, relax, and let the revolutionary Pearl Technology go to work.

  • Color changing to visually alert you when your hot/cold pack is ready for use
  • Can be heated or frozen to relieve pain of all kinds
  • Eases pain with 20 minutes of doctor-recommended therapy
  • 17.8" x 9.5" and filled with pliable gel pearls that easily conform to your body, even when frozen
  • Perfect for puffiness, inflammation, and sinus discomfort
  • Use hot therapy for muscle pain/spasms, joint stiffness, aches, and pre-workout activity and use cold therapy for sprains, bruising, inflammation, muscle strains/pulls and post workout activity